Hey Mobile Game Companies,

You’ve nailed these game elements – concept, characters, mechanics, core loop, points system, and level design. You have a prototype or an alpha. You now need to make the game look visually epic. You have a vision.

But you also need to focus on generating a ton of pre-launch buzz. Getting ASO right. Launch the game well. Promote it heavily via press and ad networks. Acquire millions of players. And then analyze data and retain your players daily. It’s a lot of work.

Offloading our content production to Aatma was the best thing we ever did. This enabled us to focus on the gameplay and go-to market. – Orbit’s Odyssey Game Team!

Ever wished you could offload the visual development of the game powered by animation: Such as In-game assets – characters and set design; multiple promo  – video assets, animation game commercials et.al.

To someone:

  • Who cares about your game the way that you do.
  • Who is super creative and makes your game look utterly desirable.
  • Who has made games and understands player psychology.
  • Who can provide all the marketing imagery and videos.

Aatma is all that and more. We take pride in meticulously building all aspects of the game assets and deliver a sparkling game to you. We can also chime in on marketing the game effectively! Check out our execution for paperkyte’s Orbit’s Odyssey.

Connect with us on info@aatmastudio.com and lets begin a dialogue.