The New Aatma

2019 and beyond!

The year is off to an exciting start for Aatma Animation Studio, as we head towards a bold new direction. Spearheaded by the induction of Nye Warburton as COO/Head of Production, we have moved our headquarters to Culver City to deepen our relationship with the growing content industry in Los Angeles. We continue to operate out of our San Francisco location too.

Our creative thrust has always been to deliver high quality 3d animated content to propel storytelling for our clients. Embracing the Unity engine as the core of our new pipeline, we are lobbying our animation expertise into new virtual, location, and event-based experiences. This, in conjunction with our current capabilities of delivering animation powered content (such as TV ads, Game assets, Videos etc) for brands, agencies and gaming companies, globally!

We are going BIG on XR content!

We are adamant that as visual communications and experiences grow, VR and AR are the future.

The market data shows these mediums are projected to scale at 42% CAGR by 2025.  The global XR market is pegged to cumulatively clock ~$150B by 2022.

Aatma’s business focus is to capture a sliver of this enormous pie, and creatively we look forward to discovering what kind of stories can be told in this exciting new real-time medium.

The Aatma Creative Network

Having worked with top-notch talent over the years, Aatma is evolving a new set of network technologies to connect creative professionals across the United States (and soon the world) under the rubric of ACN – Aatma Creative Network.

Aatma’s leadership team in Culver City can connect our clients to some of the best artists, engineers and animators, wherever they may be, with our secure workflow and pipeline.  Embracing these changes, we can deliver the same standard of quality Aatma has always delivered, with more efficiency, productivity and competitive cost.


What does this all mean for you?

  • A fresh perspective on your product/service from top creative talent to accelerate your business storytelling.
  • A new pipeline that enhances the delivery of projects on budget and on brand.
  • A strong partner, whether you are experienced or new, in the development of VR/AR/MR.
  • In essence – We are here to design your experience through engaging and real-time animated content.

Come work with us!

As storytellers, we will always push the boundaries for animation and gaming content. We’re working on new real-time animated content with our gaming focussed sister company Paperkyte.

Please join us as we architect this new exciting phase at Aatma. We wish you a great year ahead, and can’t wait to work with you soon.


Nye Warbuton, COO/Head of Production at Aatma remarked “I joined the team because animation has always been the heart of Aatma. I saw an opportunity to take that heart, and put it into emerging real-time mediums like VR and AR. I can’t wait to show off what we’re working on.”

Prashanth Shantharam, Chief Business Officer at Aatma said “Nye is a welcome addition to the Aatma family. His diverse background in the animation space and leadership would propel Aatma to an exciting future – with a focus on providing best-of-breed animated content, particularly VR/AR content for our clients”