Aatma Seeks Marketing Specialist


Marketing SpecialistDevelop and implement marketing, production, and advertising strategies for client companies. Consult with clients to define brand image and desired marketing direction and message for various products and services. Analyze marketing surveys, product/services availability, and sales and marketing data to analyze the competitive landscape for clients’ products and services and use statistical methods such as correlation, regression, and variance analysis to develop actionable insights for sales and marketing. Collaborate with the CEO and animation teams to develop advertisements based on marketing data and insights. Conduct social media analysis to inform content development and review competitors’ campaigns and advertisements to identify successful marketing trends. Define marketing metrics and channels for clients and create dashboards and reports to measure all aspects of campaign effectiveness, lead distribution, pipeline contribution, and overall marketing performance. Collect and analyze data using marketing analytics tools and statistical programs, including Google Analytics, SAS Analytics, and Microsoft Excel, in order to measure the effectiveness of marketing strategies and campaigns and generate ROI reports. Execute digital and viral marketing techniques, including search engine optimization, performance marketing, and social media networking, in order to create buzz surrounding new advertisements and marketing campaigns. Stay abreast of the latest trends and technological advances in the marketing industry.

Requirements: The position requires a Master’s degree in Business Administration or Marketing and one year of experience in the job offered or a related position. Equivalent foreign degrees are acceptable. The position requires skills and knowledge in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Keyword Research and Analysis, Google Analytics, SAS Analytics, and Microsoft Excel.

40 hours/week. Job Interview Site: Culver City, CA

Email Resume to: AATMA Studio LLC at info@aatmastudio.com