Happy Birthday Aatma

Today is Aatma’s anniversary. At this milestone we’d like to take the time to recognize our growth and achievements from the previous year. It’s been a massive year for us – giant ad campaigns, mega viral videos & print stints were some of the key highlights of the past year.

We began last year with a bang. We released a concept CG iPhone 5 video on our Youtube channel and the uptake was nothing short of spectacular. The video garnered 10 million views within the first two weeks and is currently clocking nearly 50 Million views. We received tons of earned media with praise coming in from the likes of TechCrunchTheNextWebGigaOm to name a few.

We were commissioned by Mekanism to develop a pitch using CGi for Brisk’s stop motion driven campaign. Aatma’s goal was to retain the legacy of the previous stop motion brisk spots while using CGI.

The success of the spot led to us landing the follow up project and we went onto create the successful Darth Maul Vs Yoda campaign for Brisk which has more than 2 million views on youtube and has been aired on TV and theaters nation wide.

We ended the year with a high. Lightning struck twice for us with our second video – the concept CG iPad 3 – going super viral too causing a mini tsunami on the interwebs. Within its first week, it received over 3 Million views and at last count the video is nearing 6 Million views in a month’s timeframe.Huffington PostMashable and TechCrunch all gave the concept glowing reviews. Our channel now boasts over 63 Million views complimented by a social reach of nearly 20 thousand fans across our social media properties. Watch this space for more as we have exciting plans to grow our Youtube channel powered by social media.

Reflecting on Aatma’s output the previous year, we are extremely happy to have kept true to our mission of creating unique and lasting content that touches the hearts of all audiences. On the Services line of business, we are delighted to have executed high-end campaigns and strengthening relationships with our clients. On our Intellectual Property line of business, we are pleased to have wowed people across the globe.

Happy birthday Aatma! To many more magnificent years. Clink!