Computer Generated Animation Storytelling – Ad Creation for Brands


Hey Brands, Aatma is stepping up its game to serve you better. We are focussed on creating stunning CG animated ads that propels visual storytelling.  We enable brand marketers to create and tell better stories through effective CG content. Think of us as your animation advertising agency.

We produce computer generated animation ads/content for three types of media:

  • Broadcast – We classify any branded video that can beam across Television and the Internet as broadcast ads. We do TV commercials, Youtube Pre-roll and App/Game Trailers for brands. We make content for both traditional broadcast (TV) and digital (Youtube and Mobile) mediums.
  • Interactive – We make content that responds to user actions on web and mobile mediums for brands.
  • Immersive – We possess the capabilities to produce a range of compelling animation powered content (from CG assets, videos to shorts and epic content) for use in VR, AR and live events.

We cater to any of the following industries/sectors: Technology, Mobile Apps, Entertainment, Automotive, Healthcare, Education to name a few.

During the making of the campaign, we handle the entire aspects of the creative, ad production and delivery.

The following is a high level overview of Aatma’s animation commercial creation/production process:

  • Aatma’s creative team comes up with the idea/concept inline with the brand’s value props and philosophy. We deeply research on the style, design and present to you what we think best fits your campaign via means of scripts, treatments and storyboads.
  • Once we are on the same page on the treatments, our design team refines the visual style and we get into the production phase.
  • Aatma’s in-house or outsourced sound team simultaneously works on sound and music design.
  • Our technical team then takes over the core production phase – where animated elements are brought to life in any medium picked in our treatments.
  • Our post team then composites all the rendered elements to make it look magical and deliver the ad.
  • You the client, at all times, are kept in the loop during all phases and are provided multiple rounds of revisions.

Take a look at an animation ad campaign we produced for Zoosk. Read more on the project here.

We would love to have the opportunity to create magical ad campaigns for you. Contact us to know more on our animation advertising agency services. Feel free to ask any questions and we would be happy to respond and take the conversation forward.