aatma is a San Francisco, Bay Area based creative animation studio specializing in the production of moving imagery for broadcast, interactive and immersive media. Our expertise and passion for storytelling and content creation empowers brands, agencies and games to engage any audience.

We are dedicated to just one thing – to create stunning animated ads and content that propel our clientele’s storytelling. We deliver through an array of competencies that encompasses all aspects of animation, visual effects and video production.

Our teams’ collective experience has powered some of the top campaigns for globally reputed brands, agencies and gaming companies. We are fun to work with and easy to talk to! During projects, we work closely with clients and aim to build long-term relationships that transcend project timeframes.

We are often asked why we’re called ‘aatma’. The word is appropriated from Sanskrit and it means ‘Soul’, or a knowledge of one’s inner self. We firmly believe our company’s name reflects our ideology and work – where we strive to deeply understand the craft of CGi to create content that is unique, sharable and lasting.