At Aatma, we are constantly on the lookout for what’s next and how we can help create stellar experiences to our consumers and clients alike.

Metaverse is a much touted buzzword currently. But we truly believe in its manifestation, as the germs of technology and trends currently underway support its evolution. The world has already seen traction in spaces such as AR/VR, avatars, NFTs, blockchain entertainment, crypto art and more. We believe the culmination of these innovations (and more) would help propel the metaverse forward.

Our IPs powered by 3D animation has gained millions of fans over the decade. Some are very successful and have gone on to be part of internet history – particularly virals such as 10K iPhone Domino, Concept smart phones and tablets. Our other IPs include character driven mobile games Orbit’s Odyssey and Wingo, therefore blockchain entertainment seemed a logical extension for us.

We launch Aatma Metaverse Entertainment (AME) under the AATMA umbrella as we aim to bring our brand of entertainment to the next gen blockchain platform. We are keen to surface our IPs to the fore on the blockchain and provide outsized value to digital art connoisseurs, NFT collectors, metaverse enthusiasts, XR and the gaming community.

Our first NFT collection drop – part of Aatma Collectibles is up on OpenSea – essentially these are a collection of our blockbuster viral videos unveiled as NFT one after the other. Check out our virgin drop of the ‘Siri Concept Viral Video’ as an NFT. Read the backstory, making and benefits of this viral video NFT here.

Post the drop, we would then transition to blockchain gaming creating new assets for our sister gaming firm Paperkyte. We look forward to incorporating mechanics of crypto gaming like in-game utility as NFTs to new games from our stables.  You’d be collecting scarce character traits driven avatars, trading with one another and being the caretakers of our art.

We’ve begun this journey with an oDD character called bOOG. Follow @oDDbOOG on Twitter and Instagram and visit oDDbOOG website to learn more. We are aiming to see this character along with a universe of characters aligned to a P2E game.

Aatma’s Chief Business Officer Prashanth Shantharam, will helm this new business.

As part of our services to brands, agencies, and gaming firms we are open for business to discuss your metaverse entertainment needs – be it 3D animation driven character creation, avatars, virtual fashion, assets/3D worlds, AR/VR campaigns, videos and more.


About Aatma Metaverse Entertainment

At Aatma Metaverse Entertainment, we build and release IP’s on the blockchain platform. Our video IP’s have been a significant part of internet history clocking over 230M views on YouTube alone. They’ve earned media from a wide variety of tech and news outlets such as CNN, WSJ, TechCrunch and many more. They’ve been shared and re-shared by celebrities, social media influencers and YouTubers. Thanks to which, they’ve blown up on other platforms too (Facebook and YouKu in China), and thus have amassed more than 500M known count views in total. We are now packaging these super rare video IP’s as NFTs and are keen to get it into the hands of collectors. We would love to work with collectors to extract significant long-term benefits from these NFTs.


AME is a member of the Aatma family of 3D related companies. We operate in the gaming, video entertainment and animation production businesses.

Image credit: Shutterstock